Rylee Meets Lizzy

This past weekend was such a blast!

Rylee got to meet my cousin, Liz. And we have grown up to be like sisters, so we call her Auntie Lizzy now!

Photo Dec 05, 6 48 22 PM

Liz is from New York and was in town during the week for school and she had to fly out on Saturday, so I took off work on Friday so that we could spend more time together.

My mom came up for the weekend, too, so that we could all have girl time like we used to! We used to see each other every summer. Liz would join us on our family vacations and we would always write in our journals every single night about our day. We have so many piled up and reminisce all the time about what we used to write about. We always joke about how we wrote down every single detail, from the soda we each had at lunch to the exact time we got out of a movie!

So on Friday, I took Mom and Lizzy to Winter Park to walk Park Ave, shop and enjoy some coffee.

Photo Dec 06, 1 41 01 PM

Photo Dec 06, 1 41 09 PM

I love that shot! Candidate photos are the best!

Photo Dec 06, 1 42 26 PM

Lizzy and I on Park Ave

Our first stop – the Alex and Ani shop.

Alex & Ani

I am not sure if you know what Alex and Ani is yet, but it is slowly taking the world by storm!

Alex and Ani sells unique charm bracelets made from Eco-friendly recycled metals and they all have special meanings. Each symbol is given three descriptive words that describes its meaning. So when you choose which one you want next, the meaning always has a huge part in your decision making. So not only are they incredibly cute, they end up holding a special place in your heart!

And the most fun part about them, is stacking them! I always have so much fun trying to decide on my next bracelet to create the perfect stack.

Photo Dec 06, 12 47 07 PM

We continued to stroll down Park Ave, flaunting our new wrist candy, and stopped in at Starbucks, of course, to quench our thirst.

Photo Dec 06, 11 52 58 AM

Strolling Down Park Ave

Rylee was kickin’ it in her heart shaped sun glasses. She was so good shopping with us all day!

Photo Dec 06, 11 53 05 AM (1)

That night, we all hit the Winter Garden downtown and went out to Pilars for some drinks and live entertainment.

Photo Dec 07, 9 54 16 PM

Pilars is a, somewhat, new martini/piano bar in downtown Winter Garden and they have a really cool atmosphere, with great drinks and really awesome entertainment.


Photo Dec 06, 8 35 21 PM

Photo Dec 06, 8 33 32 PM

We hung there for a while before walking the streets and enjoying the lighting of Winter Garden, an annual event that takes place around Christmas time where the whole city counts down and the pathways become lit up for the holidays.  It was so packed though! We tried to find a place for dinner, but all the restaurants were full! We made a pit stop at Publix before heading home to make dinner and relax.

We tried to stay up as late as we could, watching a holiday episode of Saturday Night Live off of the DVR, dreading the next day when we would have to drive Lizzy to the airport.

Well, that time did come. But at least we had fun doing it! Rylee ended up napping just as we had to leave, so mom stayed home with her while the three of us took a ride in style in the Mustang convertible.
Photo Dec 07, 11 37 51 AM

At least it was a memorable sign off as we jammed out to One Republic’s new hit, Counting Stars! We LOVE that song!

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