Reasons Why I Love the Holidays


 The holiday season always feels so special. It is almost like your whole mood changes for the entire month of December – and hopefully your mood is not frustration at standing in line at the mall, marking off your Christmas gift list! For me it is a feeling of excitement, joy and thankfulness that is wrapped in a wonderful arrangement of flashing Christmas lights and smiling faces! :)
And every big milestone is always counted during the holidays. Two years ago it was our “First Married Christmas.” This year it’s “Rylee’s First Christmas!”
I always feel like there is so much more to the Holidays than gift giving, so I started thinking about all of the things that I love about the holidays and came up with this awesome list of all the reasons why I love the holidays! Check it out!
There’s no limit on the number of holiday movies you can watch!
Watching holiday movies is a must! My absolute favorite movie – and you could say of all time, not just holiday movie – is The Holiday!
If you have never seen it, I suggest you stop what you are doing and get your hands on a copy immediately. I have already seen it twice this month, and could probably – no definitely – pop it in the DVD player when Brett’s not home and watch it a few more times! It’s that good. In fact it might be the perfect combination of holiday, love story, acting, music and ending ever! :)
And then of course, my other classic favorites – Home Alone and Home Alone 2… I’ve never seen the ones after that, but I do know that without Macaulay Culkin, there is no Home Alone. I am sure most of you would agree. 😉
You get to decorate your house with bright lights and pine trees.
Photo Dec 03, 7 47 18 PM
Photo Dec 03, 7 48 41 PM
Decorating our house and the tree has become a relatively new tradition for me since I have been with Brett. I love it, not because presents go under the tree, but because it has become a family tradition. And the ornaments that go on our tree are mostly from Brett’s childhood, from his grandparents and hold special meaning. Then, along the way, we have been given ornaments that we add to the tree together, so our tree is full of memories! The tree is such a festive addition to the house during the holidays and really makes our home feel warm and special.
Spending time with family.
Spending time with family is probably my favorite reason why I love the holidays. There is nothing more special and important than spending quality time with your family. And the great thing about the holidays is that it brings family together.
And sometimes in the most ridiculous ways! Like for instance, the photo from last Christmas that we spent in Connecticut where all the ladies got a very special gift!

I said this last time I posted that picture – Ladies please don’t kill me!! 😉

 Spending Time with Friends.
And my second favorite reason why I love the holidays is spending time with friends!
Last year, the girls from our office all got together for a pajama, cookie decorating party… and to watch The Holiday of course!
Photo Dec 02, 4 33 22 PM

Photo Dec 02, 4 27 05 PM

Hand-crafted martinis were also in the mix. Who could go wrong with cookies, good friends and martinis during the holidays? That’s right, no one!

Wrapping Gifts
More than receiving gifts, I actually really love wrapping them! I absolutely love giving surprises to people and coming up with clever ways to wrap gifts as deceiving packages so they can’t figure out what it is!
One year I got tickets to a Bret Michaels’ concert/New Year’s Eve Celebration for Brett. And since it is paper, I had to wrap it up in, not only one ginormous box, but several! Needless to say, he was shocked and super excited about his gift!
Seeing the neighborhood light up every night on my drive home from work.
I love, love, love coming home to my neighborhood all lit up at night! And when new houses put up their lights I always have to drive by to see the new addition.
When I was growing up, on Christmas night, we would all bundle up in the car, blast Christmas jams and drive around town trying to find the best lights. Sometimes we would have to stop the car and just marvel at the most extravagant ones. I’ll never forget those nights and it is a family tradition I hope to continue with my family!
Ok, now indulging has got to be in everyone’s top list of reasons to love the holidays.
And it is absolutely more enjoyable to indulge during the holidays 1) because every gathering revolves around delicious home-cooked specialties and 2) you can eat as much as you want, knowing that come January, your number 1 resolution for the year is to get back to the gym and burn all those calories from the plethora of desserts you consumed!
Plus, who can resist any kind of food created to look like a Christmas tree…
Photo Dec 02, 4 21 14 PM
 or little Santa hats!
Photo Dec 02, 4 37 17 PM
 What are your favorite reasons for loving the holidays?
Let me know in the comments field below! I would love you hear from you! Plus I might be forgetting a very important reason that you have to share! :)

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