Christmas 2013

This year, Rylee attended the family Christmas festivities for the first time!

We all had so much fun showing her off to the family and she was such a good girl.

We started off Christmas Eve morning with some cuddling in the bed before hitting the road for Tampa, where we normally spend the holiday with Brett’s parents and family.

Photo Dec 22, 7 42 59 AM

We cuddle so nicely don’t we? :)

When we got to Brett’s parent’s house, they were still at work, so I had some time to wrap some last minute gifts before they got home.

And Rylee was my little helper! Ryleehelper

Christmas Eve is the celebration with Brett’s extended family, and we all go over to Aunt Sue’s for drinks and dinner and family time.

Once everyone was home, we all got dressed and ready to head out to Aunt Sue’s. Rylee and I complemented each other well for the holidays in our red and green.

Photo Dec 24, 4 04 41 PM

Rylee was the center of attention. Although she was smily at times, she is still going through a separation anxiety phase, so she wouldn’t let anyone outside Mom, Dad and Grandma hold her!

She did get to spend some time with her cousin Kendall though!

Photo Dec 24, 4 54 25 PM

Kendall just loves little babes and was so excited to play with Rylee. She was so excited when she got to sit next to her during the family white elephant gift exchange. They watched as Uncle John opened the gifts!

Photo Dec 24, 7 09 03 PM

And giggled!

photo 1-2

Photo Dec 26, 7 18 33 PM

Rylee got an awesome move & crawl ball that she loves from the kids’ gift exchange. And Brett and I schemed to make sure I got to take home the best gift ever!

photo 2-2

The Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker!

I actually saw an info-mercial on this a few days ago and was sold! I love making a homemade breakfast sandwich and this just made it look so easy. So when I saw that one get opened I stole that baby. And brett stole it from me to make sure it would get locked and guaranteed to come home with us!

After the gift exchange, everyone headed home to get a good night sleep before Christmas.

And then, Christmas morning was finally here!

Photo Dec 25, 7 55 07 AM

Grandma and Grandpa started a family tradition that I just loved! Grandma dressed Rylee up in some holiday jammies and Grandpa made sure Rylee opened the first gift. She got a Baby’s First Christmas ornament!

Photo Dec 25, 8 07 38 AM

Rylee was so cute opening and playing with all her gifts!

Photo Dec 25, 8 21 28 AM

Photo Dec 25, 8 09 22 AM

She’s my perfect little gift!

Photo Dec 26, 7 18 45 PM

Photo Dec 26, 7 18 41 PM

She had so many gifts, she couldn’t make it through all of them before taking her morning nap!

We all relaxed for a while before getting ready to go to Len & Jagy’s house for Christmas Lunch. They were Brett’s old neighbors from his home growing up and were like a second pair of parents to him.

Photo Dec 26, 7 19 01 PM

She played nicely by herself for a little while,

Photo Dec 25, 1 55 59 PM

but pretty much during the entire meal, Brett or I was up and down from the table playing with her or holding her because of her current separation anxiety  phase.

We had to leave earlier than we would have because it was time for Rylee to take a nap. Actually we all could have used one.

We had to get home and get the house ready for our guests to come over for the traditional prime rib Christmas dinner.

Photo Dec 25, 5 35 53 PM

It was nice to have everyone over and Rylee was in more of a comfort zone being in a familiar place.

Photo Dec 25, 6 25 08 PM

And there were more gifts so be exchanged!

I think we may have another musician in the family!

Photo Dec 25, 6 00 47 PM

And then it was time for the feast.

Photo Dec 25, 7 51 23 PM

Rylee did sit down long enough for us to enjoy that delicious meal, thank goodness!

After dinner, Rylee was ready for bed and so was everyone else.

With full bellies, we all hit the hay after winding down once company left.

Since Brett and I didn’t have to work the next day, we stayed one more day than usual and Brett’s parents both took the day off so we could spend more time together. We went to lunch at Sweet Tomatoes and ran some errands getting some stuff for Rylee’s Baptism next weekend.

The following day it was back to work for Grandma and Grandpa, so Brett and I hit the road once again and headed home with a loaded car.

Once again we had a fantastic holiday and made so many new memories with little Rylee! Can’t believe next year, Rylee is going to be old enough to be Santa’s little helper and hand out everyone’s gifts come Christmas morning. But we won’t think about that now. 😉

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!

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  1. jaredrexclark
    January 1, 2014 at 9:31 pm (4 years ago)

    Rylee looks like a sweetheart!!!

    • Jane
      January 2, 2014 at 7:08 am (4 years ago)

      She’s amazing. :)


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