How to Cope with Your Post-pregnancy Body

It seems like there is a lot of buzz in the media lately of celebrities getting their “pre-pregnancy” bodies back. Before I had Rylee, I probably would have been grabbing at every tabloid magazine on the shelf, hoping for some tips on how Jessica Alba and Kim Kardashian lost the baby weight and taking copious notes on how to do so when the time came for me!

I always thought that there would be no way for an average person like me, without all of the celebrity trainers and personal chefs, to become confident again in my body after giving birth.


Before getting pregnant, I used to feel, at times, obsessive about diet and exercise in order to stay happy with my body, and the tabloids didn’t help. But now, after going through pregnancy and delivery, I have a completely different outlook on my body and how it should be treated.

I am now back to a place where I feel amazing – even better than before I was pregnant – and I did it in a healthy and natural way. I am extremely surprised at myself for even saying that this is possible and even more surprised to say that it was much easier than I thought it could ever be. And the best part is, no matter what those magazines say, I don’t obsess or put that kind of pressure on myself anymore. After seeing my body transform, I can honestly say I have a huge amount respect for myself and my body now.

Create Life

We have to remember that!

My Story

As I looked back on my story of how I lost the baby weight after giving birth, I wondered what I had done to make the transition back to where I am today. I believe that if you continue to eat healthy throughout your pregnancy, while not letting yourself overeat, or “eat for two” as they say, and work out when you can, your transition back to your pre-pregnancy self will come naturally and easily. Set yourself up for success from the very beginning and I truly believe it will make a huge impact on losing the weight after giving birth once you are ready to do so.

During my pregnancy, I continued to eat healthy during the week, packing meals and snacks that were portioned for one with the ability to eat every three hours. However, I never refused a craving and always let myself indulge. And that is a huge reason why I am so much more at ease now with my diet. When I was pregnant, I never felt guilty for indulging like I used to. And I realized that a little piece of chocolate is not going to change me over night.

So now, I allow myself to indulge every now and then, knowing that in moderation and with continued healthy eating, I can do so and enjoy my favorite treats without all the guilt.

As for working out during my pregnancy, my doctor scared me right off the bat when I asked if I could continue running. They say nowadays that it is OK for runners to continue during pregnancy, but the possibility of tripping and falling or doing anything that could hurt the baby was a serious freak out moment for me.

So I took it really easy. I walked around the lake near my office during lunch breaks, occasionally did an at home DVD, and did squats and dumbbells here and there when I wasn’t exhausted after a long day’s work. And for someone like me who was at the gym every single day before getting pregnant, I thought for sure I would have a ton of work to do after giving birth to get back to where I wanted to be.

Fighting the Tabloids

After giving birth, my journey back to working out and getting back to the gym didn’t start right away. And during that time, I of course came across Star Magazine’s cover of Kim Kardashian in a bikini with headlines about how she’s already lost her baby weight.


(Source: – this article actually calls out Star Magazine for faking the article!) 

I didn’t even have to open the magazine to know it was total BS! I knew, from personal experience, that there is just no way that is humanly possible!

First of all, for at least 6 weeks, there is a recovery process, and let me just tell you that you can’t do much of anything besides lay around for that time. I mean, if going to the bathroom hurts like a biotch, I highly doubt you are hitting up the gym for a 3 hour personal training session, like the article boasts!

I knew that tabloids were over exaggerated, but after I saw that they clearly used an old photo of Kim and made stuff up to sell copies, I knew that I couldn’t trust the media any more and wouldn’t let those stories affect me at all in my journey to lose the baby weight and get back to my happy place.

We all have to tell ourselves – I just went through a traumatic experience that only my body knows the true impact of. My body is slowly – on its own time – adjusting to what has happened to me and miraculously going back to normal on its own. My baby needs my full attention. And I need this time to adjust to my new lifestyle and give that to her. I am not going to compare myself to anyone else but me.

Getting Back into the Gym 

Once I was able to start working out again, I starting walking first. Once I felt completely healed, which was right around 6 weeks, I felt well enough to fully workout and starting going to Crossfit Bootcamp, which was intense, but a great motivator to get me back in shape. And you all followed me on my 30 Day Ab Challenge that I completed soon after that.

It took me a little over 4 months to get back into my bikini. And I am extremely proud of myself.

Monthly Motivation

What I want you to take away from reading this post is that you can get back to a happy place in regards to your body after giving birth. But it is on your terms and not based on what the media says Britney Spears’ average turnaround time for a six pack is. Don’t let the media and the tabloids get inside your head. Remember that they are trying to stay in business and they are most likely altering the truth in order to do so.

So don’t let those stories bring you down! And when you feel worried or stressed about anything, just look at your sweet little angel and remember what miracle your body went through to produce such a beautiful little being!

I would love to hear your stories on getting back to your “happy place” after giving birth and if you had any experiences competing against the tabloids in your journey. Please let me know in the comments section below. I always read and reply to those who comment and would love to hear from you.

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