First Mommy & Me Class at Gymboree

Today, Rylee and I attended our first Mommy & Me class together at Gymboree.

I have been wanting to take her there forever and right now she is at the perfect stage where she loves to explore, crawl around and climb up on things.

I was super excited to play with Rylee and watch her interact with the other babies. I think I was more excited than Rylee, to be honest.

When we got there, only 2 other girls had signed up, so it was a small class.


After introducing ourselves to the other parents and letting everyone know what stages our children were at in terms of movement and different foods, we let our girls get aquatinted with each other.


Then we moved around the room and participated in different activities and songs. 


We broke out the parachute and this brought back memories of mine when I was a kid!


Although, in my memories my favorite part of the parachute game was counting to 3 and then all getting underneath it while it made a fort around us!

I thought for sure we would all get under at the last minute, when the instructor counted to three, “One… two… three…” (picture giddy Jane) then said, “And let go of the parachute.” (picture disappointed and confused Jane) Yeah, unfortunately, that was not a part of the agenda. I was really excited for a minute! But I am sure Rylee enjoyed it! :)


I think Rylee had a lot of fun playing with Isabella and Tatum, but I quickly realized that this experience was mostly for me than for her.

While this is all new to me, Rylee is very used to playing with other babies and listening to learning songs at her daycare.

Her daycare is so wonderful and she is always surrounded by at least 10 babies at one time all her own age. They teach Spanish classes, sign language, sing learning songs and have puppet shows, arts & crafts, and in her new classroom they take her outside to their infant playground.

Tatum, on the other hand, (pictured behind Rylee below) was not a baby who is used to that kind of interaction with other babies. You could really tell that she was engaged and excited about all the new activities. She would clap and laugh at everything. It was too cute!


So, while I enjoyed the experience and getting to know other moms and learn about their experiences so far, which was great, I don’t think that these kinds of classes are for us. Instead, I should just spend a few hours at her daycare sometime! :) (Seriously, I wonder if they will let me do that!!)

I know that there are some other fun Mommy & Me classes out there that might suit us better, so I am definitely going to keep looking for them. I have been intrigued about what I’ve heard called Stroller Fitness, and I might have to look into that soon!

Question of the afternoon: 

Have you ever attended a Mommy & Me class? What was your experience like? 


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