February Bulu Box Review

Now that February is over (where did it go?!), I have had the opportunity to review the products from last month’s Bulu box!

If you haven’t seen my previous posts on what Bulu Box is, it’s a company that sends you monthly packages filled with new health and fitness related product samples to try out. It’s great for those who want to try out new products, but are not sure if they want to invest in the full size version yet. If you find a product that you love and want to purchase, are able to do so on their website and there are many ways to earn points, by leaving reviews for products for instance, that you can put towards a purchase.

Included inside this month’s box was:

Bulu Box Delivery 

1. Just Fruit Bar. Snack bars created using real fruit that are a tasty alternative for sweets or candy. Each bar contains 2 servings of fruit, are all natural with no added sugars and are wheat, dairy, nut and gluten free.

It’s basically a piece of fruit in bar form. When I first saw this product, I thought to myself, “Well, I would most likely just eat a piece of fruit.” But then I realized that this would be great for on the go when you can’t have fresh fruit on you or to keep in your gym bag for quick snack access. When I tried the bar, I really liked the texture of it. It was like a chewy pear flavored fruit leather. It was really good and actually wasn’t as sweet as I thought it was going to be, which I liked about it.

2. Soy Joy. This is a gluten-free bar that uses real fruit and whole soy to create a delicious and nutritious snack. The flavor that was delivered was strawberry.

I have seen these in stores and was very excited to try it! The ingredients are all natural and the bar tastes delicious. It was actually more dense and filling than I thought it would be and was only 130 calories.

3. Flow Athletics Neural Enhancer. An herbal supplement that was created to help you achieve a natural flow of energy and focus to help you work or workout smarter without the jitters of traditional energy drinks.

I am always a little skeptical about taking pills, especially if I don’t know exactly what they are made of and what they are intended to do. I’d need to learn more about these capsules before I try them out.

4. Power Crunch Proto Whey Protein. The unique thing about this brand of protein powder is the high-DH hydrolyzed whey protein that it uses, which is said to be the most advanced fastest-absorbing whey protein on the market. This means that the protein gets to your muscles faster and absorbs more completely which helps you recover and build lean muscle more efficiently.

I was very intrigued by the benefits of this kind of protein which helps absorb into your system faster. I received vanilla flavor and wow! It was delicious and tasted like a vanilla milk shake! I usually go for the chocolate protein powder because vanilla is hit or miss. Well, this one was a hit, it was delicious!

5. Salba Smart Chia Seed Packs.  Individual servings of whole chia seeds for an easy nutritional boost. These packets can be sprinkled into any meal or used as a baking ingredient. Chia contains heart healthy Omega-3s and fiber to help keep a healthy digestive system.

How neat is that! I always knew that chia seeds were good for you and that you could put them in pretty much anything. This is a pretty neat idea to create individual packets to take on the go with you. I added the chia seeds to my maple brown sugar oatmeal one morning and it really helped me stay full and satisfied for a long day at work. The packets for one serving are definitely more that what I used so I was able to save some for another breakfast or meal.

Bonus Offers

Included in this box was also some great offers from some of Bulu Box’s partners! Including a discount to Dreamfarm.com where you can search and purchase crazy unique kitchen tools. There is a pretty neat video about what they are all about below that I thought was worth sharing:

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Bulu Box Brnad Ambassador

If you decide to purchase your Bulu Box, please let me know how you like it and if you end up purchasing full size of any of the products!

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