Feeling Accomplished Weekend

Good morning!

This passed weekend was such a fulfilling weekend for our family! First, I have to say, how great were the Oscars last night? I stayed up a little later than usual because I was so involved from the very beginning! I loved Jared Leto’s speech and Pharell’s performance right in the beginning. And I think Ellen did such an amazing job! All the presenters were fabulous, I had a great time watching.

We got a lot done this past weekend and it was really great to accomplish the many things we needed to around the house.

Saturday I had a great run — with minimal cramps — which I was so excited about. I took it slow, but am so glad I did because I made it 5 miles without any major cramps!

Photo Mar 02, 9 53 32 PM

Afterwards, the family got ready to head out for the day. Rylee looked so cute, but of course the moment I tried o take a picture of her, this happened.

Photo Mar 01, 12 14 47 PM

Why does she always sabotage a good photo-op?

Anyways, we got out the door and headed to Toojay’s where I enjoyed this strawberry citrus salad.

Photo Mar 01, 1 14 25 PM

Surely a treat because we never get to go to Toojay’s much for lunch anymore because it’s just a little bit out of the neighborhood. I definitely rewarded myself for a good run with Toojay’s famous rugelach. Every time we go we have to get some!

Photo Mar 01, 1 42 22 PM

There’s 3 in a small order, but I always feel like it isn’t enough when I am done.

Photo Mar 01, 2 20 19 PM

Which is why we had to take it to go, so we wouldn’t order another 3!

We ran a few errands for the rest of the day and it went by so fast! I think cause we got a late start since Brett and I had to take shifts working out so someone was home with Rylee.

Sunday started off so early though and we did SO much around the house!

We did a super clean of the entire house, got super organized after a trip to Lowes where we bought shelves and organization for our kitchen and it felt so awesome! Our house is so clean, it feels amazing.

Just a glimpse into our newly organized cabinets!

Photo Mar 02, 7 16 34 PM

Doesn’t it just feel amazing to get organized? Rylee thinks so. :)

Photo Mar 02, 2 44 40 PM

Sometimes you just need those weekends to get the house back in order and this was a great one for our family to do so!

Questions of the morning:

What was your favorite part of the Oscars last night?

What did you accomplish this weekend?

Please let me know in the comments section below! Would love you hear from you!

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