15 Minute Mini Circuit Workout

Last night I had a great workout following my 10k training plan. Only, instead of an ab circuit I felt like doing legs. But I did run the 2 miles of course!


My legs are starting to feel sore after the workout I put them through last night!

I started with 4 sets of 18 walking lunges with 10lb dumbells (across the court at my gym) and then the following little mini-circuit:

mini circuit workout

It was short and sweet, but after that and those lunges I was really feeling it!

And I got to head home in time to play with Rylee and put her to bed.

Which by the way, she definitely snagged a little piece of Winston’s food this morning when I was getting everything together for work and attempted to eat it.

She spit it out and it stuck to her face. Caught her red handed! Maybe that will end the curiosity she has with Winston’s food bowls. Just maybe.


She is becoming a curious little thing!

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