Sunday on the Trail

Spending time on the West Orange Trail has sure become one of my favorite things to do on the weekends.

And yesterday was no exception. It was another gorgeous day and the trail was calling our name. Brett’s parents were visiting for the weekend to help us get our patio furniture that was delivered site to store. We needed their big monster of a car to pick up the giant box.

I am so excited to show you how our backyard/patio is coming together, but we still have some final touches to add so those pictures will be coming soon!

We hit the trail just in time to head into town for lunch.

Photo Mar 16, 12 27 54 PM

We decided to stop at Urban Flats for some flat breads.

Photo Mar 16, 12 52 04 PM

It was so nice to sit out side, and we had Winston with us too so he was happy. Keeping Rylee amused was a little but of a challenge since she had already eaten her lunch before we left the house.

Photo Mar 16, 12 52 09 PM (1)

Our attempts at keeping Rylee amused was her sippy cup and snacks and the “I’m Gonna Get You!” game:

Photo Mar 16, 1 16 20 PM

She got Grandpa’s hat!

Photo Mar 16, 1 16 21 PM

Brett and I were both in the mood for flatbreads, so we decided to split two of them.

Photo Mar 16, 12 59 48 PM

Buffalo Chicken:

 Photo Mar 16, 1 20 39 PM

and Sweet and Sour Hawaiian.

Photo Mar 16, 1 20 44 PM

Both were delicious, and filling! I really enjoyed the Buffalo Chicken one the best out of the two, though.

Good thing we had to walk all the way back home after lunch, we were stuffed!

Hope everyone had a great weekend! Can’t believe it is Monday already!

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