The Easiest Salad Lunch for Workdays

So I am sure that I have raved about the salad kits you can get at the grocery store before. Specifically the 7 Super Foods Salad Mix mix that I LOVE.

Well, I have discovered the easiest and quickest way for a busy mom like me to pack a delicious and healthy lunch!

One package of a salad kit is made for a family to share, so splitting the greens in half and sprinkling the toppings evenly on both salads makes for 2 healthy lunches for one person.

After splitting the packaged kit, I usually top it with some protein (in today’s case, smoked turkey breast from the deli) to make for a well-balanced lunch. Then, I drizzle the dressing on top. I only use half and keep the remaining dressing in a small container until I am ready to use the next day.

Salad Kit for Lunch


This lunch is always totally satisfying and I made it in about 45 seconds this morning. And tomorrow’s lunch is already made!

I love this idea because it so easy, fast and tastes great. I don’t have to wander around the store figuring out what fun things to put in my salad either, so it makes shopping a breeze.

It is just so easy I thought that I had to share it for all those other busy working moms out there!

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