Faves & Flubs

I am trying something new today on the blog and thought I would write about some of my faves – and flubs – of the week, or past few weeks actually!


Rylee in a bathing suit. I can’t get enough of looking at this picture I took on Instagram of Ry in her bathing suit from the pool last weekend. So much so, I made it the background on my phone. I wish I could dress her in a bathing suit every day. It’s too cute!

My Phone Background


Old Navy Athletic Apparel. I never thought of Old Navy as a place to shop for workout clothes, but they have really surprised me! Recently Brett and I were out shopping and we came across an amazing sale at Old Navy. I stocked up on some fitness clothes cause the prices were irresistible. I wore one of the outfits at the Zimmerman Kiser Sutcliffe Winter Park 10k and it was really comfortable and flattering.

Zimmerman Sutcliffe Winter Park 10k


Daylight Savings Time. I love leaving work while it is still light out! It makes me feel like I have so much more time to get things done! The only flub is, sometimes I don’t realize that it is time to put Rylee to sleep cause it is still light out! Whoops!



Allergies. I’ve either been sick for 2 weeks, or these allergies are killing me! I have not been feeling myself and have been the queen of pharmaceutical drugs lately!


I’m the Queen of generic, pharmaceutical drugs!

Getting my Twitter Account Hacked. Good thing I caught this early on, because I was able to sync my cell phone with my login info. For some reason, someone from India keeps trying to log into my account! What’s up with that? As Stephanie Tanner would say: How rude.

My Nails. I need a manicure real bad. In fact, I think I am due for a day full of pampering. A pedicure, haircut and massage would be nice to go along with it. Yeah that would be nice. I’ll keep dreaming. :)

Hope everyone has a happy Friday!


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