Wild Wedding Weekend

What a weekend! I headed to South Florida to the Boca Beach Club this past weekend for my good friend Amanda’s wedding.

I had been looking forward to the wedding for so long, and was so excited that the time had finally come! I heard that the property was supposed to be so nice and I knew that Amanda was going to be such a beautiful bride!

Brett and I were supposed to attend the wedding together, but he found out later than we would have liked, that he had to fly out really early Sunday morning for training in Carson City for work. I was so bummed that he couldn’t come along with me. I still wanted to go though, even though that meant I would have to take Rylee along with me. I would have left her with my parents the night of the wedding, but they were on a cruise celebrating my Dad’s 65th birthday.

I was determined to make it to this wedding and never second guessed that Rylee would be hard to handle on my own because she is always so easy and good at home.

Boy was it an experience to have to travel to a new place as the sole guardian and care-giver of Rylee! The details of that situation are being saved for another post I am planning to write on my tips to traveling with a little one. This way, I can give the proper recap of Amanda’s gorgeous wedding! :)

We had the chance to hang out by the pool a bit before the wedding which was so nice!

Photo Apr 12, 2 57 53 PM

Rylee was so good during the day and I thought for sure that hanging by the pool would tire her out so she would have a good nap while I got ready for the wedding.

Photo Apr 12, 3 04 09 PM

It ended up being ok and she finally went down an hour before her normal bedtime. Leaving me 30 minutes to get ready for the wedding! Thank goodness we made it on time!

I went with my good friend Fabiana and her fiancé, Matt.


We actually stayed at the Boca Beach Resort, which is the Boca Beach Club’s Sister resort, so we had to take a shuttle over to where the wedding was taking place.

It just so happened that the bride and groom and wedding party were on the shuttle bus that we took over to The Boca Beach Club! They were over there taking pictures and it was so awesome to take the ride over to the hotel with them!

I snapped this picture of the beautiful ladies as we got into the hotel.


The evening was gorgeous with a cool breeze in the air, and the kiddie pool where Rylee and I played earlier turned into an elegant backdrop for the ceremony.


Another reason why I was so excited to come to the wedding was to reunite with good friends! I snapped this 3-man selfie of my good friend Loreyn and her hubby, Thomas, while we waited for the wedding to begin.

Photo Apr 12, 7 19 24 PM

And then, my favorite part of the ceremony. Here comes the bride!


The ceremony was lovely and even though it was a little windy, the bridal party looked great and the officiant was loving and even funny at times.


I could see the happiness in Amanda and Mike’s faces the entire time, and after it was time to kiss the bride,


they were gleaming from ear to ear. 


Then it was time to party!

The reception was simple but lovely.




The bride and groom finally entered and graced the dance floor for their first dance as husband and wife. I always love hearing the songs the bride and groom choose to dance together to. Amanda and Mike danced to a really sweet country song, but I don’t really listen to country so I don’t know the name of that song!


I actually really loved that they got the dancing started right off the bat so we could work up an appetite for dinner!


I loved seeing my good friends Loreyn and Nicole, too!



Nicole had to go and move to California, so I don’t get to see her much anymore and it was so wonderful to see her!

Then, I got the call from the babysitter that Rylee had woken up and was not happy. Her schedule was just so off because she was so out of her element. She is normally such a good sleeper and usually sleeps soundly through the night every night!

So, I had to leave the wedding earlier than I wanted to because I was having so much fun!

But not before I met with Amanda for a congratulatory hug and a photo op!



Oh, and I couldn’t leave without cake!

Photo Apr 12, 8 08 32 PM

And Rylee knew that, so I was able to have a piece before I got the babysitter’s call.

I had such a great time seeing everyone and although it was a different experience being a mom, I really had a great time! And those few moments that I thought I was going to lose it are definitely an oversight when I think about the wonderful time I had (and the learning experience it was in terms of traveling with a little one)!!

Congratulations to Amanda and Mike! Now they are off to Ireland to celebrate their honeymoon! Woo hoo!

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