Run in the Garden 5k

This month’s race was one of the coolest races I have ever run!

It was called the Run in the Garden 5k and it was held right in my front yard, pretty much!

Run in the Garden 5k

Well, ok just a little bit away from home in the heart of Historical Downtown Winter Garden. You know how my small town is home to so many active people, I’ve said a million times how much I love Winter Garden for it. Runners and cyclists grace the West Orange Trail with their presence every day and with the help of our local fitness shop – Tri & Run – the town can come together for these events all the time!

Photo Apr 19, 8 18 03 AM

I was so excited to finally participate in one! This race was a 5k Run/Walk  presented by the Health Central Hospital and benefiting the City of Winter Garden Kids’ Café, which is a free dinner program designed for children of low-income families in the Winter Garden area.

I was so thrilled that this race allowed strollers, too, which I have noticed not all of the races I’ve participated in do. So, you know who I brought along with me for the very first time? Rylee!

It was the perfect race to bring her to for the first time because I didn’t have to wake up super early to get there. We did our regular morning routine and then off we went to the race! I knew that strollers had to start at the end of the line-up and I ended up getting to the start line with the other strollers at the perfect time to stretch and gear up for the signal to begin.

Photo Apr 19, 7 26 00 AM

Rylee was happy as can be thanks to the snack compartments that I filled to the top, with two flavors for her to choose from. :)

Photo Apr 19, 7 27 31 AM

I had such a great time running through my home town and discovering all the areas that I have never been before.

The course was beautiful too and had lots of tree coverage. I love when the sun shines through the trees as your running. Makes for a great atmosphere!

As Rylee and I were running, I came across the cutest mother and daughter pair who were running together dressed as bunnies for Easter!

Photo Apr 19, 7 38 43 AM

I could not help myself imagining Rylee and I continuing to run together as she grows up. I can totally see myself doing this with her!

At the finish line, there was a great crowd cheering us on, and right as I was coming up to cross, there was a father with his daughter also in a stroller running together and the announcer totally called us out as if we were racing! It was really funny and I am pretty sure the photography got a great shot of us as we were crossing that finish line!

Photo Apr 19, 8 14 15 AM

I tried to stall a little bit on this post in hopes that the photos would become available shortly after the race, but I’ll have to update this post one I see them! I can’t wait to see the picture of us crossing, I really think it’s gonna be a framer!

Photo Apr 19, 8 09 36 AM (1)

We finished the race together in 35 minutes and Rylee was awesome the whole time! Those snacks were pretty much gone!

I was ready for a snack of my own and the spread at the finish line was awesome! Fresh baked goods, bananas, granola bars and bagels and cream cheese.

Photo Apr 19, 8 12 27 AM

I helped myself to a bagel and a banana and it hit the spot! As I cooled down after the run, Rylee and I enjoyed the morning together, walking through the closed off streets of downtown in the gorgeous weather. It was such a great race day!

Photo Apr 19, 8 18 49 AM

So, I wonder how Rylee liked her first race with mommy?

I think the picture below pretty much says it all.

Photo Apr 19, 8 09 28 AM


I think she is asking me about when the next race is!

I LOVED running with Rylee so much! I felt so proud to have her sitting there so nicely in the stroller enjoying the morning with me. I usually run these races by myself, which I don’t mind most of the time, but it was really nice to have a little mini-me along for the ride. And the stroller was so easy to maneuver. Even around the turns, with the front wheel locked, I was able to control it very well. You do have to take pretty wide turns, but I didn’t have any problems at all and I am sure I will continue to get used to it!

I am so happy with the race and really can’t wait for another Tri & Run Event!

Check out the upcoming events and click below to learn more!

Screenshot 2014-04-24 19.20.13



Let me know if you decide to run and Rylee and I will certainly join in on the fun!


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    • Jane
      May 4, 2014 at 9:53 pm (3 years ago)

      Thank you Michelle!

    • Jane
      May 4, 2014 at 9:53 pm (3 years ago)

      It was such a blast! Thanks, Delia!


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