Incredibly Easy & Beautiful Label Decorating Ideas

Labels are my go-to art supply for most arts & crafts projects that I take on. They are so versatile and you can print out any thing that you can think of to go with your specific theme. And you can use them on practically anything with no need for glue!

I had so many ideas for Rylee’s party and I knew that labels were going to play a huge part in making the decor I had in mind a success.

I partnered up with to create the perfect party for Rylee and to show you how easy it is to decorate with labels!


I had a bunch of ideas for the party and needed a variety of labels including water bottle labels, flag labels and circular labels, but I also got some full page labels.

Full page labels are the most versatile because you can cut them out to any shape you need. And what I loved about the full page sheets that offers is that the backs have slits in them, so if you do need to cut the labels, it is so easy to remove the backing.


So here are the projects that I created using labels for Rylee’s party this past weekend. The colors I chose were pink and gray with chalkboard elements throughout, which is where the labels came in really handy.

Check it out!

Chalkboard Cup Labels|MSSneakersBlog

Chalkboard Cup Labels|MSSneakersBlog2-01

My idea for these Chalkboard Cup Labels, was to print and cut out these chalkboard label designs with all different and cute borders and stick them to cups for my guests to write their names on. It added the chalkboard theme to the party which was what I was going for and also gave guests a great way to reuse their cups and find them easily amongst other cups.

For these, I made sure to use the weatherproof labels that would hold up through condensation on the cups.


I found this template of a chalkboard background with border designs on Pinterest and printed them out on the full page label sheets. They were designed by

Then I just cut around the borders to create the labels.


They were really easy to stick on the cups because of the slits in the backs.


I originally got silver cups to go with Rylee’s colors, but realized afterwards that they were paper and probably wouldn’t hold up for too long for people to reuse, so last minute we found these white solo cups and the labels ended up looking great on them!


Then, I provided a few white pens on the table and my guests had their own little chalkboards to customize!



Custom Water Bottles|MSSneakersBlog



Custom Water Bottles|MSSneakersBlog2-01

Adding custom water bottles to a party is such an impressive touch and it really is so simple. provides water bottle labels for pretty much every bottle size and shape. On the website, it even shows you which bottles the labels work on, which was great! Again, I made sure to get the weatherproof ones because I planned to serve some out of a cooler and didn’t want the moisture to ruin them.


After printing my design on them, I was a little nervous about how I was going to stick them on the water bottles to make sure they would come out straight. But it was so easy!


I laid the bottle in my lap while I placed the labels right where I wanted and pressed down in the middle. Then all I had to do was wrap around the ends and they stuck to the bottle perfectly.


I really think they added a lot to the table set up and I was so happy with how they came out!


Decorative Jar Labels|MySSneakersBlogDecorative Jar Labels|MySSneakersBlog2

These Decorative Jars were elements that would add to the party decor as fillers for table tops and different areas around the house to tie in the colors and chalkboard theme.

For these, I used the same chalkboard background that I found for the cup labels. I didn’t have to use weatherproof labels though, just the full page labels with slits on the back.

DSC00790 has templates to download for all of their labels on their website as well as a design software that you can use to create customized labels, which is a great tool for people who do not have any creative programs on their computers.

I was able to customize the designs for Rylee’s party using Adobe Illustrator, with the help of free downloads and printables from Pinterest. There are tons of great free printables on Pinterest that would work great with these full page labels. This template that I found actually let you write within the PDF which was really cool.


I had some extra water bottle labels left over after applying them to the water bottles and I  decided to use them for these as well. It helped to tie in the pink and white striped element and they worked out great to add some more color to the jars.







Cupcake Flag Toppers|MSSneakersBlogCupcake Flag Topper|MSSneakersBlog2















These cupcake labels came out so good and I was so excited to see the end product

I saw these flag labels on the site and knew that they would work perfect.



I chose a couple phrases like, “It’s a ONE-derful Life!” “Happy First Birthday, Rylee.” and “DELISH!” and printed them out, again on the chalkboard background I found from Pinterest.



I really wasn’t sure where to find the sticks for cupcake toppers, but found lollipop sticks at Jo Ann Fabrics that worked out great!

Getting a hang of sticking the flags on them was tricky at first, but we figured out a method and it got easier as we went along. We found that folding them down the middle and matching up the ends as well as we could, cutting off the excess label at the end was the best method.

They ended up looking great on the cupcakes – Thank you Gigi’s Cupcakes of Orlando! 





Highchair Banner|MSSneakersBlog

Highchair Banner|MSSneakersBlog2-01

I am sure that you have seen the adorable highchair banners pinned on Pinterest, as have I, and I knew that I had to have one at Rylee’s Party.

I had the idea to use the circular labels and stick them to patterned paper or fabric with the letters O-N-E on them to create the banner.


I used gray felt and different patterns of scrapbook paper for the banner then decorated it with a tutu of pink and sparkly white tulle on either side.

photo 1-1

For this project, I definitely wish I had a silhouette! Would have come in handy to cut out the circular scrapbook paper that I wanted to use as a border to the O-N-E labels.

photo 5-1

Although not perfect, I still think it was cute. The tulle was my favorite part!


One other thing that I learned from this project, if I were to work on one like this again, is that the felt fabric was a bad choice for the triangular piece of this banner. It is a flimsy material and never laid straight on the highchair. Also it didn’t stick well to the highchair at all. I would have probably been better off using scrapbook paper instead. Next time!

Popcorn BagsMSSneakersBlog

Popcorn BagsMSSneakersBlog2-01

Rylee’s party was supposed to be an outdoor water activity, slip and slide, kitty pool kind of party, but horrible weather was in the forecast and we needed a backup plan, bad!

So we came up with movie time as a backup!

We had plenty more of the jar labels with the fun sayings on them as well as the water bottle labels and decided to create cute customized popcorn bags for the kids to enjoy while watching a movie.



It was super easy! We did cut the paper bags almost in half to make them smaller for the kids but other then that it was as easy as sticking on the labels and done!


Thankfully the weather was OK, so we didn’t have to use these, but we still thought they were really cute and put them on display at the party anyways.

photo 1

Everything came out so good and I had so much fun doing it! Decorating with labels is just so easy, it makes me want to plan another party!

Picture Frame Decor|MSSneakersBlog




One other element that I wanted to share, although it didn’t involve any labels, that is also crazy easy but adds a lot to a party are these easy picture frames.

Picture Frame Decor|MSSneakersBlog2-01

I found these frames at the dollar store and they actually looked great at the party!

photo 2-2

And thank you Pinterest once again for pointing me in the direction of these awesome chalkboard birthday signs, from Nest of Posies Blog, that I printed out at home.

photo 4-2

I just cut them to size and stuck them in the frames and I had decor for the party for $5!

They work really well for filling up space on table tops.


I hope you enjoyed reading about my tips for decorating with labels and that I have inspired you to create the perfect party, with ease!

I would love to hear from you if you found any of these tips helpful and if they have helped you at all during your party planning experiences! Please feel free to leave a comment in the field below. Also, send in your pictures of how you decorated with labels to to be an inspiration to others and for a chance to be featured in a blog post here on My Squeaky Sneakers! Thank you!

And a huge thank you to  who helped supply me with all of these awesome labels for the party.


Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Labels were provided, courtesy of, in exchange for this post. Regardless, the thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are honest and purely my own.

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