Rylee’s First Birthday Part II


Setting up for Rylee’s party was only half of the fun this past Saturday! Once everything was in it’s place and we had a few minutes to snap some photos, the real fun began.


All of our friends and family started to show up!

Including little Madeleine! Rylee’s future best friend.


The weather wasn’t the greatest for a backyard BBQ and water party, but thankfully it stopped raining in time for the kids to head out to the slip ‘n’ slide!



After the rain stopped and the humidity went away, it actually started to cool down quite a bit and got a little chilly throughout the day.

Which was great because it made hanging out on the patio very enjoyable.


That’s Maggie from work, although that is not her baby! Ha! It is actually adorable little Amelia who is Jeff’s daughter (also from work). She is only 5 months old and she was such a good little girl during the party. 

We grilled out hot dogs and burgers and served macaroni salad, coleslaw, fruit salad, chips, pickles and baked beans at the party. Perfect backyard BBQ type stuff!

No time for pictures at lunch, though, I was lucky I even had the chance to eat my burger! It was definitely a crazy whirlwind hosting Rylee’s party. And Ry will still only go to me, Brett and the Grandmas, so I had her in my arms for a lot of the day!


When it was time for dessert, we changed Rylee into her tutu (I was NOT going to allow her to mess up her adorable Janie and Jack birthday outfit!) so she could really dig in to her first cupcake ever!


I chose for her a chocolate cupcake of course!


She really loved it! Gigi’s Cupcakes of Orlando did such a great job!

She ate pretty much the entire large cupcake, except for when she shared a little piece with me.


It was too cute!


No wait, that face is too cute!


And then she tried to share her cupcake with Grandma Meyers who was snapping the photos of the cupcake eating event!


She was definitely on a sugar high after that one.

I could tell that she was getting tired but she would not sleep with all of the excitement going on. I think the sugar high worked out, though, cause it gave her the extra energy to open her presents!


She got a lot of great beach and garden sets which is perfect timing for the summer!

She was really into all of her gifts!


And it was really cute to see all of the girls at the party wanting to help give Rylee the next present to open!




She got so many great toys and it was such a blast to open everything with her!

And of course she had to get some music related toys!


And guess what… she got her very first drum! (Thanks Fabiana!)


Now her and Daddy can really jam together!

The party crowd started to dwindle a bit after presents, but left the perfect amount of people to cut into Rylee’s amazing Lemon Daisy birthday cake also from Gigi’s!


It was so delicious!

In fact, I had to snap this picture so quick because Brett was trying to eat the cake off my plate before I could even capture a good one!

photo 5

That’s why it’s a little blurry and does not do the cake justice!

We had such a great time celebrating Rylee’s first year and I am so thankful to all of our family and friends who made it out to celebrate!

We all had such a blast and I am looking forward to another amazing year ahead!


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  1. Lenore Meyers
    May 8, 2014 at 3:20 pm (4 years ago)

    Thanks for the wonderful party. I enjoyed every minute.


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