A New Month

Memorial Day weekend was a blast and I feel like it was just yesterday, even though a whole nother week just passed by!

With the long weekend and the short work week, I was pretty MIA this past week on the blog. And now it’s June and I can’t even believe it. It’s Summer-time baby! Woo! I’m pretty excited about it – and the Victoria’s Secret Semi-Annual Sale, of course! 😉

Screen Shot 2014-06-02 at 1.52.44 PM

Which is where I was this past Sunday, scoping out the new styles and trying on sizes for the best fit. :) The mall was the highlight of my weekend because the other half was spent at a car dealership shopping for a new family-sized vehicle that didn’t pan out, unfortunately. :( It’s OK though, cause we had a great, relaxing time this weekend, spent together as a family with nothing to do but enjoy each others’ company.

I love those weekends and could have used one more day of doing absolutely nothing but sitting on the couch, watching our new favorite show, Banchee, while the rain pours outside and Rylee plays peacefully (most of the time) on the floor with her blocks.


That’s perfection in my eyes!

The weather was really rainy all weekend, so it made staying in for most of it a-ok. We did make it out to the mall Sunday before the storm and while we were there, Rylee went to play with the big kids in the food court area and walked about 15 steps all on her own!

photo 1

Brett and I were like, “Woa, where did that come from?!” That was definitely another highlight of the weekend!

photo 2

She loves to walk, she’s just struggling to get over the fear of falling now. She’ll walk forever holding our hands, but is a little more careful when she’s on her own, so those 15 steps were a huge milestone.

Yay Rylee!

This past weekend also marked the start of a new month. And that means a clean slate, a blank canvas – or should I say calendar, to fill in. I always love taking that blank calendar and filling in my month’s goals, getting organized, planning meals and workouts and scheduling events. And as a blogger, a look ahead for the month is a huge help when planning where I will be and what I’ll be writing about, too. Workflowy.com is a wonderful place to gather my thoughts and To Dos for the month. It’s a great tool for anyone who loves lists like me! Everyone in my office uses it as well for work and for personal use. It’s awesome!

And this month there is so much going on that I am super excited about it!

Brett is going to Las Vegas this weekend for one of his best friend’s 30th birthday so my Mom decided to come up for the weekend to keep us company. I’m looking forward to a Mommy girls weekend! That is going to be exciting!

Also on the calendar is:

  • A work trip to New York City
  • Brett’s 30th Birthday Celebration at the Marriott Sanibel Harbour
  • The start of my half marathon training
  • Brett’s 2nd Father’s Day
  • My Mom’s Birthday
  • This month’s race! (Gotta figure that out still, and I want to make up for last month. I was traveling so much and need to make up for it! I will do it! )

Looking forward to a great month!

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