How to Make the Perfect Father’s Day Gift Basket

It is not too late to get your father or husband something great for Father’s Day this coming weekend!

I love thinking through special and personalized gifts for people so I was really excited to work on Brett’s Father’s Day Gift this year.

We are planning to celebrate this year with Brett’s parents and he and his father have plans to go golfing together, one of Brett’s loves! Among Brett’s many loves, including golf, are music and grilling, and since he has pretty much everything he needs to listen to and make music, I thought creating a gift basket for him with some neat grilling tools would be perfect! Especially because summer is right around the corner and I am sure we will be grilling out in the back yard a lot!

Included in the basket, I really wanted to create something cute and personal to set the theme and so, my attempt at cute Father’s Day Puns began!

With the help of my friends at, I came up with a label design for root beer soda bottles and a chocolate bar label that helped create the theme of my basket!

(See the end of this post to download these printables for FREE! )


They were so fun to create and a super easy way to add some color and a theme to his basket.



Added some cigars to the photos to add some manliness. I dunno why, but for some reason guys love those things, so why not?!


Included in my clever Father’s Day Puns for the soda pop was “#1 Pop” and “You Rise to the Top.” You know, because the bubbles from the soda rise to the top and Brett rises to the top for being the BEST dad ever! :)


I thought it was pretty clever!

And the candy BAR – “You set the BAR for Best Dad.” So true, so true!

Once I got the labels finished, it was time to assemble the basket.

DSC00913 DSC00917

In my basket I included the following items:

  • IBC Diet Root Beer Bottles (Found them at Publix)
  • Fire Wire Flexible Grilling Skewers
  • Grill Tools Grilling Basket (From Willams-Sonoma, couldn’t find the link though!)
  • Mini Meat Thermometers 
  • Grill Brush (From Willams-Sonoma, couldn’t find the link though!)
  • 2 Cigars
  • Hershey’s Chocolate Bars

And thank goodness my mom was in town this past weekend to help me put together this basket, she is a pro and she gave me some great tips!

Tips From a Pro Basket Maker: 

  1. Choose one big item for the basket that you can feature. It will make inserting the other items easier and make the basket look centered and really great.
  2. Once you choose your colors, find tissue paper that matches to fill the bottom. But first, fill the bottom with newspaper or plastic bags to fill space and use the tissue paper to cover it so it looks pretty.


I also put together a little card with a heartfelt message, using a label and a piece of cardboard I had in my craft box.


In case you can’t see it:


The Best Father Ever

May this basket keep you at the BBQ Grill… and me out of the kitchen.

Your loving wife, Jane and daugher, Rylee.

Happy Father’s Day!”


Gotta love a little humor to celebrate the holiday! :) He knows I love him!

Father's Day BBQ Theme Gift Basket IdeaMy Squeaky Sneakers.jpg

To print out these designs for your father’s day basket, click the links below! And have fun!

Father's Day Free Printables|My Squeaky Sneakers-01

Father’s Day Soda Pop Bottle Labels

Download and use label OL7425 from  (Make sure to use weatherproof labels so the designs don’t get ruined if you put the bottles on ice or in the fridge)

Father’s Day Chocolate Bar Labels

Download and use label OL685  from

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  1. Lenore meyers
    June 11, 2014 at 8:59 am (4 years ago)

    Looks great!


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