Brett’s 30th Birthday

Well, Brett made it to his 30th Birthday this past weekend!

Photo Jun 18, 10 36 50 PM

It was a big year to celebrate, so Brett and I decided to go away for the weekend to celebrate while Rylee stayed with his parents.

We stayed in Sanibel Island at the Marriott Sanibel Harbour Resort & Spa and we had the most perfect weather!

Photo Jun 19, 1 58 25 PM

This was the view from lunch the first day we were there. I could have sat there for hours with the cool breeze off the water, watching all the kids splash around in the pool.

Right away I knew that this was going to be a great trip.

Then the food came.

Photo Jun 19, 2 12 04 PM

I had a Cobb Salad and it was so flavorful and delicious, packed with a ton of toppings.

And Brett raved about his Lobster Roll!

Photo Jun 19, 2 12 19 PM

We explored the property together the first day and got situated in our room. We were upgrading to another building with more spacious suites, which was really nice!

Photo Jun 19, 6 17 16 PM Photo Jun 19, 6 17 44 PM

And right as we were getting ready to head back down to the pool, we received this awesome amenity from my parents, wishing Brett a Happy 30th!

Photo Jun 19, 6 52 04 PM

We enjoyed this as an appetizer before dinner later on that day, with a glass of the red wine (not pictured :) )

There’s a shuttle on property to take you around to the main building and the fitness center and spa, but it’s only a short 5 minute to either location.

I loved entering into the big lobby with the giant windows opening up to the pool and the water.

Photo Jun 19, 7 16 24 PM

We hung around by the pool most of the day, enjoying the view from the bar and talking with some folks who were also visiting.

Photo Jun 19, 5 32 30 PM

We picked these babies up on one of our trips to the nearby Publix. Gotta get a souvenir! Can you guys which one is mine and which one is Brett’s? :)

Photo Jun 19, 1 50 13 PM

Dinner was at the other waterfront restaurant at the main building and we enjoyed a delicious Grouper entree and some Boom Boom shrimp that tasted exactly like the Bang Bang shrimp from Bonefish. Yum!

We got to enjoy the sunset during dinner, too, which I love!

Photo Jun 19, 7 40 44 PM

A big reason why I love to vacation on the West Coast of Florida. 

Photo Jun 19, 7 41 45 PM

So pretty! Photo Jun 19, 8 20 24 PM

The first day, and Brett’s actual Birthday, was such a blast and we really cherished each other’s company alone together. It doesn’t get to happen much and when we have “alone time” it is usually not with each other at the same time so we really needed this little getaway to reconnect.

We of course got our check-ins of Rylee who got to visit and play with her cousin at the pool while she was with her grandparents.

Photo Jun 20, 2 38 35 PM

It was great to get the check-ins of Rylee, which helped me to not miss her TOO much while I was having fun with Brett!

Photo Jun 20, 7 39 48 PM

The next day we headed out bright an early for a fishing excursion I booked in honor of Brett turning the big 3-0. He has been wanted to fish forever so this was the perfect gift!

We arrived at the boat dock pretty early than we had anticipated, so we ventured over the bridge to Ft. Myers beach to look for a restaurant for breakfast.

That is when we stumbled upon this hidden gem!

Photo Jun 20, 8 11 57 AMPhoto Jun 20, 8 12 02 AM


It was a tiny little place that totally felt like a local hot spot. And the food and coffee was delicious! Everything was made from scratch!

I enjoyed an egg and sausage multigrain bagel sandwich and a cappuccino. Photo Jun 20, 8 17 18 AM

Then it was time to board the boat and get some prime spots to store our poles and fish from. Photo Jun 20, 8 46 52 AM

It was another gorgeous day!

Photo Jun 20, 9 39 59 AM

The breeze on the way out was perfect for cooling us down as the sun blazed on. We went about an hour out to sea for this excursion so it was a long trip!

We had a great time deep sea fishing. Brett caught a Grouper but he had to throw it back cause it was too small.

I wanted to catch one but only caught little fishies! That’s Ok though, cause those Groupers are funky looking!

Photo Jun 20, 2 09 30 PM


After pretty much a full day on the water and an hour long boat ride back to the dock, we were pretty wiped out from the day and went right to bed once we got home to the hotel that night.

We did enjoy a delicious steak dinner at The Lighthouse Waterfront Restaurant that was yummy, but I was too tired to take any pictures!

The next day was our last full day and we had nothing on the agenda.

We woke up early and decided it would be a great start of the day to head to the gym.

Photo Jun 21, 9 46 07 AM

They had a huge gym with really nice equipment.

I did a full body workout that was satisfying after two days without the gym!

The weather once again was gorgeous and we enjoyed lounging by the pool, which was exactly what we needed!

Photo Jun 21, 1 29 59 PM

We walked out on the pier, too, to take some pictures and admire the view of the hotel from afar.

Photo Jun 21, 3 56 52 PMPhoto Jun 21, 4 01 07 PMPhoto Jun 21, 4 04 16 PM

That day for lunch we headed out to Sanibel Island to check out a great place we heard of for lunch called Doc Ford’s. Brett heard about their amazing mojitos and HAD to have one!

Photo Jun 21, 11 54 35 AM


We watched a little bit of the World Cup on their many TVs while our fish sandwiches, their house specialty, were being prepared.

And Oh My were they amazingly delicious! Photo Jun 21, 12 05 16 PM

The fish was seasoned exceptionally and there was a lot of it! And the slaw and aioli complimented the sandwich perfectly. I am also a sucker for sweet potato fries and they were cooked to perfection and deliciously cripsy, just how I like them!

After lunch we drove around the island and explored a little, reminiscing about the time we drove down to the very tip of the island, called Captiva, to get married! 

We found a little park with beach access and we explored it a little before heading back to the hotel.

Photo Jun 21, 12 56 40 PM

Our last dinner was back at our favorite restaurant where we dined the very first day, at the same table.

We enjoyed the view and the sunset one last time together and let the time go by slowly.

Photo Jun 21, 8 15 10 PM



Dinner was amazing once again and we even got a surprise dessert at the end!

Photo Jun 21, 8 36 26 PM


We had such an amazing time with each other and the trip was so worth it.

As much as we were both anxious to get back to Rylee, we both agreed that we needed this trip away alone. Three days of vacation was the perfect amount of time as well and we were definitely ready to get home and see the little one.

It is so important for us to focus on each other for a change. It’s very easy to fall into a routine as a family, especially with a little one, and communication and appreciation for one another can sometimes be put on the back burner. We never want to get to a point of frustration in our marriage and taking this trip definitely helped us to focus on each other more, one-on-one, which was so refreshing and much needed!

We encourage other married couples to do the same. Get out there and spend time with each other. Love and appreciation for your significant other NEVER gets old! And it only makes your love for each other grow and your marriage stronger. :)


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    Very true! Well said.


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