Dear Rylee, (13 Months)

Dear Rylee,

Your 13 months old and I have to admit to myself that I really can’t call you my baby anymore.

You are a toddler in full force and taking the world by storm!

Your curious about everything.

Photo May 24, 10 00 16 AM

(That’s sand. Not a snack!)

And I have realized that you are so much smarter than I could have imaged you to be at this age.


It is so amazing how small and adorable you are, but how many things you understand when we speak to you.

You really know what we are saying and it is so remarkable how you can respond to us in your own way.


I thought for sure it would take us a while to teach you “High Five!” but you caught on so quickly!

And now anytime anyone asks you for a high five, you go around to everyone in the room to get a high five from them. I just cannot stand how adorable that is!

You still don’t know what this is, thankfully.

Photo Jun 05, 6 40 15 PM

And won’t… for a very… very long time. (You just look too darn cute in that picture not to include it! So Sweet and innocent.)

photo 1-1

Oh geez!

You smile all the time.


And I cannot get enough of that infectious laugh. I’m laughing right now just thinking about it.

The personality on you, oh my! It is quite the personality. You remind me a lot of myself. (And a lot of people who know me well can will certainly chuckle at this and completely agree:) When you are hungry… you better watch out, cause Rylee is on the prowl! And a snack won’t do, you need a full on meal or else nothing will make you happy.

Photo Jun 03, 8 37 49 AM

But that’s OK, cause you still manage to squeeze in a few laughs while I get your meal ready!

I am starting to really see the different personality traits you have acquired from me and your father. You have a lot of your father in you. Which I love because I know you will be so smart and funny.

Photo Jun 15, 9 19 43 AM

You love music. I knew you would. But it is unbelievably already starting to show. Whenever music plays you start shimmying and dancing to the music. I love it.

Makes me so excited for when you are old enough to enroll in dance classes, just like me!

You are so perfect. Those eyes, that smile, those little toes and your cute, bald little head. Perfection.

Every night after work I can’t wait to come home to see you and play with you and discover what knew things you have learned. I look forward to every moment spent with you and could not imagine this world without you.

Photo Jun 01, 10 32 55 AM

When your in my arms, I’m complete.

I love you, Ry.





2 Comments on Dear Rylee, (13 Months)

  1. Lenore meyers
    June 27, 2014 at 2:24 pm (3 years ago)

    And you only will ever feel complete with your baby’s in your arms. And yes they will still be your babies even after 13months lol.

    • Jane
      July 1, 2014 at 11:30 am (3 years ago)



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