Fourth of July BBQ Bash Printable Decor

I am getting ready for another long weekend trip to see my family for the 4th of July weekend. I am really looking forward to being back at my parent’s timeshare and bringing Rylee to the beach and pool now that she is walking so well. I think she is really going to have a great time! Last year she was so little and did not really take to the pool so well.

I also found out my brother is able to come down from school for the weekend as well, so I decided to plan a special BBQ while the whole family is together to celebrate Independence Day.

I have been working on theming the party and have designed some fun printables  to use. I have been on a creative spree lately, and using labels for decor is such an easy way to add something special to our normally, familiar family BBQ.

I was able to print everything out and set it up to test out my ideas this weekend, to make sure everything works out like I planned for the party.

And in the process, I thought it would be a great idea to share my printables with you in time to get creative for your own 4th of July BBQ! (You can download all of the printables you see below by clicking the download link at the bottom of this post. Enjoy!)

I ordered all labels from and they make it really easy to find the ones you need and download templates for design.


So here is a list of the labels I designed and how I plan to use them at the party!

Fourth of July Art-01

Beer Bottle Labels

I used label number OL3078WJ for these and they seem to fit a variety of different sized bottles. (Make sure to get the weatherproof ones so they don’t get ruined!)

Fourth of July 2014 Beer Bottles_ol3078-01

I was really happy with how the designs came out once they were printed!

DSC00971 DSC00972

I went to a local Kinkos to get them professionally printed and I am really glad that I did. With my last project, my printer didn’t output my designs like I had wanted, so this was a great option. It was only 59 cents a sheet and much cheaper than me having to go buy some more ink for my computer at home!

DSC00974 DSC00975

Favor Labels

For these, I used label number OL375WX.

Fourth of July Cookie Labels_ol375-2-01



It’s just family at our party, I know, but I thought this would look really cute on the table with some festive cookies.


And they are grab and go for at the pool if we want to bring a snack along with us! :)


These labels are 3.33″ labels and can be used for a variety of different things. They can be used as decor on jars, boxes or table tents to name a few, that would add some creative elements to any BBQ table set up.


Flag Labels

Here is the label number for these: OL1758WX.

Fourth of July Straw Flags-01

I love these flags! I used these for Rylee’s First Birthday Party as well and just love the fun they bring to any party decor.

DSC00984 DSC00986 DSC00990

Water Bottle/Napkin Holder Labels

OL435WJ – Make sure to use weatherproof for the water bottles so you can put them on ice without ruining the designs!

Fourth of July Water Bottle Lables_ol435-01

I planned on making a few customized water bottles because I love how easy they are to make and apply to the bottles, and they add such a great look to any party table.

DSC00960 DSC00964

But then I got another last minute idea to use the same labels for napkins and silverware.


I did have to cut the labels shorter since they would have wrapped around too much for this, but I am really happy with how they came out! Just another way to add the theme into the party setting and it was really simple!DSC00978

And while I was in my design phase, I went a little overboard and started designing other labels, even though I knew I probably wasn’t going to use them for our BBQ.

I thought I would share them anyways in case someone else would want to use them!

So here are the designs for Cupcake Toppers and Chocolate Kiss Candy Labels! I hope you like them!

Cupcake Topper Labels


Fourth of July Cupcake Toppers_ol5375-01

Candy Kisses Labels


Fourth of July Kisses Labels-01


To download ALL of the printables that you see here, click here. They’ll download in one file folder as PDFs. I hope you enjoy and they work out great for your party!

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  1. Lenore meyers
    June 29, 2014 at 10:20 am (3 years ago)

    The home of the free because of the brave. That’s so touching. Love it!


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