My Girl Grew Up Over July 4th Weekend!

I know this post is a little late, but our router at home broke so we have had no internet access!

I never realized how many things in our home use wireless and need the router to be working! Not only can I not get on the computer, but we couldn’t catch up on our TV shows that we normally use Brett’s tablet for to stream from Netflix, print things (wireless printer, ugh!) or put on some tunes from the TV’s Pandora app! Anyways, I finally have access to the internet and can get my Fourth of July Weekend post up!

I swear Rylee grew up over the holiday weekend! It’s like she can do so many things now! She was walking everywhere, climbing in and out of the pool, jumping in and playing in the kiddie pool!

Photo Jul 05, 9 28 01 AM

I thought for sure she was about to swim away from me in the pool. She loves the water and all she wanted to do was run into the pool as soon as she saw it!

Photo Jul 04, 3 48 31 PM

Photo Jul 04, 3 46 08 PM

Photo Jul 04, 3 48 06 PM

We went to my parent’s timeshare to celebrate, just like last year.  Only this time, Rylee was a big girl walker and really enjoyed being in the water, unlike last time when she was just a little peanut!



That was last year.

This was this year:

Photo Jul 04, 9 22 42 AM Photo Jul 04, 9 22 04 AM Photo Jul 04, 9 20 55 AM Photo Jul 04, 9 21 51 AM

She celebrated Independence Day in style! :)

I am so glad that she loved the water, because it was so hot and we couldn’t spend any more than 5 minutes outside of the pool.

We all pretty much stayed in the water until we shriveled up. Or until Rylee needed to go up for a nap. Which always seemed to be perfect timing.

Photo Jul 04, 10 34 34 AM

Photo Jul 05, 2 15 58 PM

It did rain pretty much everyday, but it usually worked out well and we all got a break from the heat while Ry napped.

And when it wasn’t raining, our room had a fabulous view and an uncovered patio, which was perfect for sun bathing on while she napped. I felt like I was at my own private beach!

Photo Jul 03, 2 46 27 PM

The View

Photo Jul 05, 12 02 49 PM

The weekend went by so fast but we all had a great time hanging out with the family. My brother even came down and it was great to have him there to get reacquainted with Rylee.

Photo Jul 04, 12 56 50 PM

He brought his guitar and on rainy afternoons, he would play and sing to us and Rylee would just sit there and listen, it was too cute.

Photo Jul 03, 6 35 08 PM

On the last day, Will and Brett went out for an early fishing charter trip and came back with some yellow-tail snapper and mackerel!

That night we feasted on fresh fish and it was so delicious!

Photo Jul 05, 7 21 55 PM

Photo Jul 05, 7 21 52 PM

Photo Jul 05, 7 26 40 PM

I have never eaten a fresh catch like that caught by one of our own and it was wonderful! Definitely going to make that a tradition moving forward so we can get a fresh fish dinner every trip!

We had such a blast with Rylee now that she can really enjoy the resort and are definitely planning to go there for the whole week next time!

I miss it so much! But I know we will be there again soon!

Photo Jul 05, 1 42 43 PM


Hope everyone else had a great holiday weekend!

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