Quick and Easy Chicken and Indian Rice


I am very pleased with my dinner last night! It was really easy to make and was really healthy and delicious!

I nearly forgot to cook myself dinner in between cleaning, preparing Rylee’s dinner and putting her to bed. I also got a head start on packing for her and I for our family vacation coming up and I lost track of time once that started.

Thankfully, we had some chicken breasts that we precooked over the weekend in the fridge ready for reheating.

I wasn’t sure how to reheat the chicken without making it rubbery, so I consulted Brett for a new tactic for reheating cooked chicken.

I steamed it in a pan with some butter and water for about 5-7 minutes or until I felt it hot throughout and it came out great!

photo 1

Definitely not that microwave texture which is never satifsying.

On the side I enjoyed a delicious organic Indian rice blend that I only had to cook for 90 seconds in the microwave.

photo 2

I loved the spicy flavor and the garbanzo beans gave it such a great texture.

I quickly sautéed some snap peas to add some greens to my plate.

photo 3


It was really yummy, super easy and I calculated it to be around 400 calories.

And that is what I am all about. Easy, healthy and delicious!

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