Road Trippin’ to Tennessee

We have survived the drive up to Tennessee and made it to our lodge for our family vacation!


Rylee did so amazing on the drive and was such a good girl! Thank goodness for the DVD player in the car that kept her entertained for most of the trip. The part of the trip where she wasn’t sleeping.


I’m such a proud momma. She was so great to travel with!

We all have been waiting in anticipation for this trip and are so excited it is finally here!

I am so excited to enjoy family and the outdoors with nothing on the agenda.

My goals for this trip are definitely to continue to eat healthy. I don’t want to eat just because I’m “on vacation.” I am also really looking forward to staying active in the outdoors on this trip so I think it will help to keep me with eating healthy, too.

I’m really looking forward to hiking trails, white water rafting and visiting the Smokey Mountain State Park.

In attempting to stay healthy, I think I did a pretty good job so far. At our halfway point in Georgia, the hotel breakfast was not really up my alley so I did my best.

Once I saw the Special K with Red Berries, I knew that is what I would have.

photo 1-3

Another goal of mine for this trip is to read. I haven’t had the time to read any books in a long time and this trip is the perfect opportunity to do so!

In fact, I finished The Giver on the rest of the ride up!



I really liked the second half of the book a lot more that the first and was a though-provoking story. It was really enjoyable to read with the windows down and the cool Georgia breeze in our hair.



When lunch came around, there weren’t many options to choose from because the towns we drove through were so small.

We decided on Zaxby’s and I got an Asian chicken salad.



The drive went by pretty quick after that and when we started winding up and down the mountain roads, we knew we were close!

Then, we arrived!


(Yes, there were 2 random dogs who greeted us at the door.)

DSC01011 DSC01013




Dinner that night was chaos after the families went on a 3 hours venture to the grocery store. They brought back some BBQ and it was pretty much a free for all as people grabbed for food as others were putting groceries away.

I had some corn on the cob and rotisserie chicken and it did the trick.

I am excited to see what today will bring!

Can’t wait to read my next book, that is for sure! I’m gonna start Gone Girl.




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