Tennessee Family Vacation

We are back home from our amazing trip to Tennessee and are finally back into the groove of things here.

I keep thinking about our trip and how I wish we were still there! I’ve never agreed more with the saying that time just goes by way too quickly. And it seems to be especially true when you are on vacation!

It seemed like we did so much while we were away and I loved all of the time we spent enjoying the outdoors and relaxing with the family on the river.

Day 2 at the lodge was mostly hanging around the house, playing on the playground with the girls and fishing in the river.


Kendall and Rylee had such a great time together and are already becoming such great friends!


The river was so nice and the boys were out there fishing almost every single day. Unfortunately the fishing was not as good as we expected, but everyone still had a lot of fun!


The ladies and I pretty much lounged out on the river while they fished. The weather was gorgeous!


On day three, we took a trip to the Smokey Mountain National Park for a hike up a mountain to Laurel Falls.

Photo Jul 27, 12 27 30 PM

It was quite a hike with the stroller! I needed a good workout, though, so it was fun!

Photo Jul 27, 12 18 38 PM

And Rylee really seemed to enjoy herself. Especially when we made it up to the falls.

Photo Jul 27, 12 50 05 PM Photo Jul 27, 12 52 26 PM


We let her put her feet in the water. It was cold, but she just loves being in the water!

Photo Jul 27, 12 59 08 PM

That night there was a crazy storm and it poured pretty much all night.

I really wanted to go outside by the fire and make some s’mores, but since it was pouring down rain, we had to stay inside. I had the clever idea of starting a 300 piece puzzle that came with the house. I enlisted some of the family and we got so into it, that we couldn’t stop that night until we finished!


And we did! 😉


Haven’t done a puzzle in years! It was fun… kind of! 😉

Day 4 Brett and some of the guys went golfing while the rest us of stayed home. I started reading Gone Girl and enjoyed reading by the river while Rylee napped. I ended up finishing it, too.

I loved reading a book finally, it’s been forever! I always get the book bug when I am on vacation and want to continue reading all of the books on my list, but then, once I am back in the real world again, I can’t find the time!  I’m gonna try hard to keep it going cause I do have a lot on my list on hold from the library that I am looking forward to reading!

Rylee played with Kendall and swam in the pool on Day 4.


She’s a water baby for sure!



And my favorite part of the trip was taking a day trip to go white water rafting in the Little Pigeon River and zip lining! Big thank you to Grandma and Grandpa for watching Rylee so that Brett and I could go together!

IMG_3125 IMG_3133

I wish I had a picture of us zip lining! Lindsay and I went upside down! That is actually one reason why we didn’t purchase them, haha! They weren’t the best, either of our backs, or sideways trying to flip back over.

But it was such a blast! I will never forget that trip!

There’s nothing better then enjoying nature and being outside and relaxing with family for sure!

Now, where should we go next? I’m on a traveling high and can’t wait to book our next vacation!

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