Family Home Organization Station

So now that I am a mom, I need to be responsible for more than just my own schedule. And I don’t only mean Rylee. 😉

I really wanted to have a place where we can keep all of our important dates, papers and reminders in a central location so as a family, we can plan our busy schedules together.

I was thinking about this for a while and what I wanted out of a family organization station. First, I really wanted a place where I could keep important mail and not have it pile up on the kitchen counter. And also a way to post important mail that needed to stay on our radar and not get lost in that pile.

I also wanted a place to hang my purse or diaper bag – and even Rylee’s school backpack one day – when I come through the door so it’s also not lying on the counter.

Diminishing clutter and finding a place for everything was my ultimate goal and if it looks nice, that’s the bonus!

And we had a perfect blank wall right near our front door that really needed some love, so I thought it was the perfect spot for our Family Home Organization Station!

My Squeaky Sneakers - Entry Way Wall Before

And wa-la!


To complete my Family Home Organization Station, I decided I needed the following necessities:

1) Calendar


A calendar was a must and the base for a good organization station. I designed this one using Adobe Illustrator, printed as a poster from CVS and framed it.

I loved this design and you can order one of your own from this great Etsy shop,  Delightful Order.

The calendar is blank to create a generic calendar and we can fill it in for the month with dry erase markers. They easily erase when the time comes and then you start again!

2) Storage Bins.


Next, I knew that I wanted a place to keep coupons, mail and recipes/meal plans and really wanted a basket of some sort to keep this. I found a great little set at Target that I loved!

I think it works really well with everything else and works great!

4) Cork Board

A cork board was a necessity becauseI really wanted to clear the clutter off of our refrigerator and I thought this would be a great solution to keep things posted.

photo 1

Wether it be a wedding or birthday invite, Rylee’s latest arts and crafts project or bill payment reminders, I knew I needed to have a place to post things.

Plus I liked how it evened the wall out being the same size as the calendar.

5) Hooks

photo 2


I need a place to keep my purse or diaper bag because I was getting so annoyed with it being left in the kitchen, dresser or barstools. So, now they have their “place” where they are supposed to be and they can also be used for rain coats, jackets and Rylee’s backpack one day.

6) Artwork


You can’t decorate a wall without something pleasing to the eye. I loved this neutral colored quote canvas that I purchased from Target and think it adds a nice touch!

I would love to add to the organization wall with more art, it makes the organization station feel more like a collage with some artwork added in there which I like.


We are loving the organization so far! The Calendar has really come in handy for us and really helps us all stay on the same page and not forget any important dates. And thanks to the cork board, we are able to post important memos, like when to pay the HOA fees!

organization station


Organization success!



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