Just One of Those Days

This week I have been on schedule with Half Marathon Training. I have been running all of my mileage and completed a Cross Training workout. I never made it to the Cardio Kickboxing class, but I did complete a Nike Training workout routine instead that got me really sore yesterday.

photo 2

But last night’s 3 mile run was just one of those days. I felt sluggish, crampy, hot, tired and slow. Like I just couldn’t get into the groove. Luckily it was a short run because I was definitely not feeling it at all. Even still, completing the run did give me a feeling of accomplishment. I ran outside with the stroller and it’s always a challenge to get a good solid run in with it. I am usually stopping every now and then to check on Rylee. Get her some water, refill her snack tray. Bu I enjoy the company. 😉

I completed my run, though, and that is all that counts!

This weekend we are heading down South to see my parents. I feel like it has been forever. We are super excited. It’s always a challenge to keep up with a training plan when I travel, but I am going to try my hardest to make it work.

I won’t be able to make it to the gym for my run tonight, so I’ll make up for it on Saturday.

It works out cause I’m still pretty sore from my Nike Training workout!

I started today off with a protein smoothie and hopefully I’ll be repairing those muscles and get nice and strong. :)

photo 1

I used the hemp protein that I got on sale Home Goods along with frozen berries, frozen banana, greek vanilla yogurt and a little water.

Heading off to work!  Happy Friday!

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