This Weekend & My New Breakfast Obsession

I feel like this past weekend was a nice long one and a lot happened.

And that is not usually the case so that is really fun to say!

We all got to watch lots of football! Our family’s favorite team, UCF played on Saturday afternoon.

photo 2

Afterwards we had to get on our Notre Dame gear and root for Brett’s Dad’s favorite team, too!

photo 3

Isn’t that polo dress that Rylee is wearing too cute? It’s from  and they have the cutest sports clothes for babies, especially girls!

Right now they don’t have too many teams too choose from, but the ones they do have are adorable! Some of the cutest baby sports apparel I have seen yet! I reached out to see if they will ever have UCF gear, and they said that they are still small and growing and are hoping to start including more and more teams as they continue to expand. I’ll definitely have to keep my eyes out for them!

I mean come on, though…

Cutest Sports Outfits for Girls

I just want to buy more outfits even though these aren’t even my favorite teams, cause they are too cute!

And guess what we picked out this weekend!!

photo 4

Rylee’s Halloween costume!! Can you guess what she is going to be??

I can’t wait to show you!

Last year’s Halloween was so fun, we went trick or treating in Winter Park. And now that Rylee is older I really think she is going to have so much fun! We are definitely heading back there again.

And Sunday, I made it out to meet some friends at a great new restaurant in town, Crafted, for a Bloody Mary Bar and Mimosa Brunch!

I was in the football watchin’ mood, so I got the grilled wings. Yum!

photo 2

But the breakfast looked amazing too!

photo 3

I had a great weekend, but now it’s time to get back into Half Marathon Training and eating right! (When football comes around, it’s just so fitting to enjoy a cold brew and a pile of hot wings!)

My new obsession for breakfast are these Chobani Greek Yogurt Flips.

photo 5

They are so yummy! I know that there is a ton of sugar in these, but they do have over 10 grams of protein and are only around 200 calories, which isn’t bad! I have really been enjoying them and they help to curb those sugar cravings I get later in the day that always seem to creep up around 3pm.

Have you tried these Chobani Flips yet? What do you think about them?

And on the Half Marathon Training note, I completed a 3.85 mile run last night! Woo!

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