9 Energy Boosting Songs for Running

Music is such a wonderful motivator for me when it comes to running. No matter how tired I get during a run, a great, fast paced beat can bring me back up to speed and feeling ready to go.

Now that I am training for a half marathon, runs are getting longer, and I started thinking of some of my favorite “Pump You Up” songs that bring my energy up no matter what mile I am on and help me to finish strong.

I came up with an awesome list of 9 songs, from some oldies but goodies to some dance beats of today. This high-energy mix of songs will keep your intensity up if played all together for a shorter run for sure. And if you mix these songs into your running playlist, you can be sure they will give you a nice strong boost of energy to get you going again during longer runs.

So here is a list of some of my favorite running songs to boost your energy when you really need it and their YouTube links so you can check them out!

9 Energy Boost Songs-01

  1. Klingadine – Jubel
  2. Avicii – Levels
  3. The City – Madeon
  4. Pain – Jimmy Eat World
  5. Let It Rock – Kevin Rudolf
  6. I’m a Machine – David Guetta ft. Crystal Nicole
  7. Must Be Love – Les Loups
  8. Fighter – Christina Aguilera 
  9. Changes (Original Mix) – Faul & Wad Ad

What are some of your favorite energy-boosting songs to get you through a great run?

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