Healthy Hummus Chicken Salad

I LOVE chicken salad, but I often try stay away from the creamy goodness of mayonnaise, especially when I am trying to stay healthy.

Well, did you know that hummus makes for an amazingly delicious mayo-replacement in a chicken salad?

It’s the truth!

Hummus Chicken Salad Sammies

Brett and I came across O’Dang Hummus at the Winter Garden Farmer’s Market and were so intrigued by their delicious flavors of homemade hummus – like Dill Pickle, Buffalo and Black Bean.

These UCF grads have really nailed it when it comes to hummus and have big dreams about revolutionizing the hummus industry — like the next Ben & Jerry’s! Check out their article in Knight News to read more about them! They deserve the recognition because their hummus is O’Dang good — and I am so proud that they are from UCF!

Jesse, the founder, also gave us the idea of using the hummus in a chicken salad. And that is exactly what we did!

We had to try both the Dill Pickle and the Buffalo hummus and they were both AMAZING!

For both we used roasted chicken breast and mixed it with the hummus.

For the buffalo chicken salad, we also added some chopped celery to the mix.

Buffalo Hummus Chicken Salad Sammy


I loved both of the flavors but the Dill Pickle was so light and delicious and I ate it for about 3 days after we got it with just about anything I could dip in it!

Hummus Chicken Salad Sandwich

We have definitely found a new and healthy, delicious lunch meal and a reason to make it the the Farmer’s market now! And the neat thing that O-dang Hummus does, is sells the hummus frozen so you can grab your stash and still enjoy your time strolling around at the market.

O’Dang Cool!

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