Holiday Season Weekend + Breakfast Discovery

It really felt like the holidays this past weekend as the family and I gathered at holiday kick-off events and retrieved the beloved box of holiday decorations out of the garage.

We started at the Winter Garden Festival of Lights where they lit the whole street and tree up, covered in lights. It was quite an event and packed with people, so I didn’t even get a free second to take a picture!

The next morning, we walked the trail into town for the Holiday Parade.

2014 Christmas Parade

It was slightly less packed and we got a great, shady spot towards the end of the parade where we posted up to watch the floats.

2014 Christmas Parade

Rylee loved the bands that came by! (Yes, that is Rylee in the wagon, messily eating a piece of chocolate.)

That night, I had a get together with some girlfriends for dinner in our PJs and movie night.

2014 Christmas Get Together

It was a gorgeous night out and Maggie lit up a projector and screen in her backyard with a fire pit, where we roasted marsh-mallows and recited the entire “The Holiday” movie, which we all watch every year around this time. It was such a great night and really felt like the holidays were here!

Sunday was dedicated to some cleaning, chores and putting up the Christmas tree. And this is the first year that we have a Santa’s little helper!

Christmas 2014

Rylee was really interested in all of the decorations we unpacked!

Christmas 2014

She even helped decorate!

Christmas 2014

Christmas 2014

She also took out all of the ornaments for us and handed them to Brett and I to put up on the tree!

photo (2)


She was a great help! Although, she did keep calling the round ornaments “balls” and I had to tell her they were “ornaments” so she wouldn’t bounce them on the tile! She actually attempted saying the word which was totally cute. But ball was definitely easier for her to say, so she decided they were balls. At least she didn’t grab any of them off the tree when we weren’t looking!

Breakfast Discovery

I just love finding new products in the grocery store to try out! I have been really enjoying Chobani Greek Yogurts and the Flips as well, so when I was at the store this past weekend and came across these Chobani Oats yogurts, I was really interested to try them out!

Chobani Greek Yogurt with Oats

I am such a texture person when it comes to yogurt and always eat my yogurts with almonds to add texture and crunch. That is why I love the Flips so much because the mix-ins add the crunch that I enjoy.

This morning I tried the Cranberry Oates Chobani and it was really yummy!

Chobani Greek Yogurt with Oats


I loved the texture that the steel cut oats added to the yogurt and that it wasn’t so sweet. I love those flips, but with the chocolate in most of them, sometimes I feel like I am eating dessert! Which is no problem at all, but it is nice to mix in some of these to get the benefits of the oats.

I love mixing up my yogurts in the morning! It is definitely an easy go-to for me since I never have time in the morning to make a full breakfast. These options make every morning a delicious and interesting one!

What was your weekend like? What did you enjoy for breakfast today?

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