Designing Baby’s First Year Photo Book

Now that Rylee has turned two, it only seemed appropriate that I complete the photo book of her first year that I intended to do when she turned one. It seemed like a reasonable goal to set, but time really goes by fast in between changing all those Year One diapers!

I finally got made the time to look through the hundreds of photos that were taken of little Ry’s first year and used every spare minute I had for a week straight to compile them into 12 beautiful and personalized pages. I designed my photo book on and it was so easy. It was actually kind of fun!

Photo Book Shutterfly Cover

They have tons of styles to choose from, depending on what you want the look and feel of your book to be, and then you use the different elements to build each page. The designs were super cute and they even had example pages already built to pull from. Sometimes, when I was at a creative road block, it helped to pick one of the example pages as a starting point and then tailor it how I wanted it.

Photo Book Shutterfly_Welcome

Some of their templates I just loved so much that I had to recreate them in Ry’s book. Like the one above of Rylee’s hospital info. Love it!

I was super happy with every single spread at the end and was so excited to get it printed!

When it came to hit the order button, I didn’t know what kind of product it was going to be. Instead of adding a bunch of extras to the book , I stayed simple and didn’t want to spend a fortune on it if this was going to become a yearly tradition. So I went with the cheapest style, which was a glossy hardcover. I was so nervous about how the quality would turn out, but when it came in the mail, I was so happy with it!

Photo Book Shutterfly_Months 1+2

The color was amazing and the interior pages were not flimsy at all and were a great thickness that made it seem very high quality. I loved flipping the pages!

Photo Book Shutterfly_Birthday

And the hardcover made it feel like a real book that I just couldn’t wait to show to everyone!

I’ve ordered products from Shutterfly before, like their calendars that I get for my parents and in-laws every year for the holidays. I’ve never ordered a photo book from them before, but I was so happy with this product and really loved how it came out. And that’s why I am so excited to share this awesome deal with you if you are interested in creating your own photo book.

Today and tomorrow only, all customers can enjoy $10 off one qualifying hard cover photo book order of $10 or more! Just click on the Promo Link below and insert the code BOOK4ME at checkout.

Click here to get $10 off through June 11, 2015!

It’s so worth it to take advantage of this promotion. Books start at $12.99, so you could get your very own personalize photo book with this special for only $2.99! That’s a pretty  sweet deal!

Photo Book Shutterfly

I definitely want to keep this tradition up and collect a library of Rylee’s years to look back to. I should probably start now for year 2, but it will most likely be around her 3rd birthday that it actually happens! That’s OK, saving these memories is so worth it!

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