24 Weeks + Maternity Workout Clothes

I cannot believe that I am already reaching 26 weeks pregnant!

I am so far behind my belly pictures and these weeks are flying by like days, that the last shot I took was at 24!


I’m still feeling good, but definitely getting to the point where none of my gym clothes (let alone clothes) are fitting quite right. It has actually been steering me away from going to the gym even though I am feeling up for it most days. But pretty much all of my gym clothes, even the ones that were loose before, are now way too tight for me to feel comfortable at the gym.

The other day I noticed Old Navy was having a huge sale (40% off everything) and as I was searching the web noticed they offered maternity workout clothes!

Well, when I got to the store to check it out, they of course didn’t have much of a maternity section. Absolutely no gym clothes. I did however find a maternity black tank top (pictured above) that I used at the gym and I think I am in love!

But I couldn’t just walk out on a killer sale like that! I ended up looking around and going to the clearance rack where I found a bunch of over sized tops for super cheap! Like 89 cents cheap! I also found a few pairs of gym pants. Not maternity, but they had a very conformable wast line with no elastic. I got a size bigger than I would normally wear and they felt really comfortable. Plus they were 40% off, so hopefully I’ll be able to use them after baby arrives!

FullSizeRender (1)

I’m looking forward to getting back to the gym! It’s amazing how some new gym clothes could get you in the mood to work out!

Week 24 Update

And now for a pregnancy update!

Ever since I found out I was pre go again, I wanted to keep tabs on my pregnancy progress on the blog, but like I mentioned, the times are just going by too fast! So here’s the latest on  Baby J, even though you haven’t had much of an update till now!

Size: Baby is the size of a Napa Cabbage


Symptoms: A little bit of back pain, a lot of gas


Movement: Baby J moves around like crazy! I don’t remember Rylee moving around this much, but I feel like this time it’s non-stop! It takes me by surprise sometimes! 


Cravings: Cravings have subsided a bit, but I’m still in love with chicken based soups and chocolate. And the Halloween candy is not helping with this! 


Weight Gain: Last I checked, I gained about 20 pounds. Which sounds like a ton, although I really don’t feel like it. 


Physical Activity: Not too much. But now that I’ve got some clothes to wear, I’ve worked out at the gym twice and hit the trail for a walk with Rylee. 



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