In the Interim of a Home Renovation + The Importance of Date Night

I am very excited to announce the fantastic news that my parents have committed to taking on a huge change in their lives and move closer to our family. After much searching, they finally found a beautiful home in a neighborhood buzzing with activity and folks in the same walks of life as them. It is a scary change but one that is going to be so amazing for us and for my parents once it’s complete. We are so looking forward to it!

Isn't it cute?

Isn’t it cute?

But tensions are high in the Johnston household right now, as my mother bravely takes on a home renovation on her own. A new kitchen was a must, but with the updates underway and with spending more time in the home, more repairs were becoming necessary, which is to be expected when buying a home that has been around for several years. But the stress of making decisions, and the right decisions, has been weighing on everyone.

We are figuring it out and getting through it, but it is definitley becoming quite a process. While the renovations take place, my mom is living with us and Brett is giving his business and construction advice while I get to help design my parent’s kitchen and living space. It’s so fun and it’s going to look so amazing!

A little taste of the new design

A little taste of the new design

Mom has been amazing while she’s been staying with us, helping with dinners and taking care of the kiddos, and Rylee has been loving it. But do you want to know the best part of this interim period while my mom is staying with us is?

Friday. Night. Date. Night.

For the past three weeks in a row (that’s right other parents) Brett and I have had a Friday night all to ourselves. My mom has encouraged us to get out once a week for date night and it has been amazing! We get to go to an actual restaurant. With servers. And yes, our first night out we were the couple sitting on the same side of the booth. Because why the hell not.

And instead of going bar hopping, or seeing a movie afterwards, we decided to park our car and just talk. It was so nice to actually spend some quality time with each other. No distractions, no interruptions. Just the two of us. We listened to music, talked about the things we’ve been wanting to tell each other but never had a free second to do so, watched funny youtube videos and jammed out to Alanis Morissette.

And the most wonderful thing about it was the reassuring feeling we both had on the ride home at 3 am that we still got it. We are still meant to be together and can sit in the car for 5 hours just talking. It is so important to have this time with each other. To talk about things other than bills and chores. Life is so fast paced, so hectic at times. And it is so important to slow down every now and then and make time for each other. To show that we are still the same people we fell in love with years ago and without all of the stress during the week and responsibilities we always nag each other about, we still really enjoy our time together.

This is definitely going to become a routine for us. We are going to keep making space for these date nights in our schedule and in our budget. Because they are so worth it. It’s something to look forward to at the end of a long week. Some time for true, meaningful conversation. Time to look around at the world and appreciate what an amazing life we have. I’d recommend to any couple — dating, married, children or not, to take this special time with each other and schedule a regular date night. The importance of it is immeasurable.

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