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Zimmerman 10k - Best Prize Ever

Zimmerman 10k – First Race ever with Rylee at the Finish line

I began running in races about 4 years ago. I always loved running and working out, but never really looked into the competitive side of it until one of my good friends competed in her first triathlon. I was so excited for her and after hearing all about her training, I just had to compete in one too! Since then, I continue to look for new races to challenge myself. I have completed a triathlon, several 5k’s, one 10k, two 15k’s and one half marathon. Another goal of mine is to travel somewhere beautiful and compete in a race there. Not sure where that is going to be though!

Here are some links to post about some of my past races:

Miracle Miles 15k

Active Ambassadors – Miracle Miles 15k

The Color Run

The Color Run Video (YouTube Link) 

Zimmerman Kiser Sutcliffe Winter Park 10k 

Run in the Garden 5k

27th Real Florida 5k

Dirty Girl Mud Run/ Obstacle Race

On my list of must complete races has always been a mud run/ obstacle race. I finally completed my very first one on November 23, 2013 and had such a blast at this women only event. It was so much fun and only got me amped up for more!

Dirty GIrl

Check out the links below for my blog posts on the event and an event video that I created and posted to my YouTube Channel!

Dirty Girl Mud Run

Obstacle Race Training

Dirty Girl Mud Run Recap

Dirty Girl Montage Video (YouTube Link) 

Pole Fitness

The Scorpion

The Scorpion

Definitely one of my favorite forms of fitness! Not only is it extremely fun, but I don’t think my arms and back have ever been so toned! Read more about my experiences with Pole Dance Fitness below!

Pole Dancing = Fitness?

Sexy Workout?


Crossfit Bootcamp

Crossfit Bootcamp

Amazing! My experiences with Crossfit were only in 35 minute bootcamp sessions, but man did my 4 week experience get me into pre-pregnancy shape! Read below for more!

My Crossfit 4-week Slim Down Experience

Crossfit Wrap-Up

30 Day Ab Challenge

Photo Sep 30, 8 54 59 AMMy main concern after delivering my baby girl, was my tummy getting back into pre-pregnancy shape. I didn’t know what to expect or how easy or hard it would be, but I was determined to get myself back where I wanted to be. I found a great 30 Day Ab Challenge on a fitness blog I was reading, and decided that committing myself to 30 days of Ab focused workout routines would be perfect to help me achieve my goal! The results were amazing and I not only felt stronger, but saw a noticeable amount of definition!

Click the link below to follow my experience completing the 30 Day Ab Challenge!

Day 1     Day 2     Day 3     Day 4     Day 5     Day 6     Day 7     Day 8   Day 9     Day 10     Day 11     Day 12     Day 13     Day 14     Day 15   Day 16     Day 17     Day 18 (And Halfway Photos!)     Day 19     Day 20     Day 21     Day 22  Day 23     Day 24     Day 25     Day 26     Day 27     Day 28     Day 29     Day 30 (& My Results!) 

At Home Workouts

Just a little Plank at Home


Full Body Blast Workout

Busy Bee Workout

Back Burner Workout

AM/PM Workout

15 Minute Mini Circuit Workout

Cardio Workouts

20 Minute Killer Cardio Workout

Working Moms 40 Minute Pyramid Cardio Workout


Music makes everything better

Energy Boosting Songs for Running

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